A first entry

This is the first entry of this blog. I’ve been meaning to make one for the longest time but never got around to actually write stuff down. After bike-shedding endlessly about which static-site generator would be best for the task at end, and trying to build my own in Haskell with no specification in mind, I finally settled on a minimal setup to get this out of the way. Yes, it is very limited. But it does work for now, is not bloated and easy to customize.

Every page is generated with pandoc, and a tiny Makefile takes care of dependency tracking and incremental builds. I also use jq to transform pandoc metadata. Ultimately I would prefer something leaner than pandoc but this is for later.

Till next time.

2020/06/05: Of course I was going to ditch my janky setup at some point. It happened sooner than expected but I’m trying to convince myself that the first version allowed me to identity exactly what I need from my static site generator. I am now using a slightly modified version of Hakyll. Here’s to hoping I’ll manage to craft the perfect workflow™ from it.

2020/06/12: Hm, the move to Hakyll wasn’t for long. I was fed up with how complicated it is, while still being very limiting. So I started to work on a new project called achille. You can find the WIP documentation here. My site is already built with it and so far it’s really neat!